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Talin Tropic Art StudioThe soft air of a tropical evening wafting across an ocean of warm waters resonates deeply within Talin Lyman's soul. She is a tremendously talented artist who transforms her love and appreciation of the tropics into evocative and gorgeous fabrics and artwork. Her work can be vibrant with the deep, lush colours of the tropical flora which invite one into sense of serenity. Or, her work can be more impressionistic, requiring a more introspective approach to fully appreciate what she is communicating through her art.

Talin's fabrics and artwork can be found in exclusive residences and luxury hotels all around the world. The fabrics for her hospitality and commercial clients are featured in many locations including two hotels of nationally-known, luxury hotel chain. This amounted to well over 10,000 yards of her most popular design, a motif which has sold well for over a decade.

Talin's custom projects include fabrics, paintings, murals and frescos in homes and commercial properties all around the world. She provides exactly what her customers want.

The hospitality and custom artwork that Talin summons up from her inspiration and vast capabilities speak of luxury and sophistication. Given her artistic accomplishments and her continued commercial appeal, ordering any of her designs would be a successful financial decision.

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