Talin Lyman (formerly Johnson) -
Profile by Sally J. Ling.
Photography by Diane Bradford

Entering the Paradise Salon and Spa in Delray Beach, a cornucopia of art greets you - botanical murals, faux Portuguese fountain tiles, large floral prints on canvas and a palm leaf ceiling medallion. The style is eclectic, yet the theme remains truly tropical - all bright, all bold, all Talin Lyman. Whether it be from her garage studio or customer job sites, she has made it her life's work to create and does so under the umbrella of her company, Talin Tropic.

"I love tropical climates, foliage and themes. Even in historic paintings and frescos those elements are beautiful and exotic. Now it's popular, but that theme has always appealed to me," Lyman said.

At 42, Lyman is an accomplished artist whose client list reads like a whose who. Two grand frescos, each covering more than 120 square feet, adorn walls at the Intercontinental Hotels in Tuscany and Rome. Her hand-painted fabrics are sold at Nessen Tropical Fabrics and Wallcoverings at DCOTA in Dania Beach. Rainier Neuman, caterer to Donald Trump and other notables, fashions her exclusive fabric designs for his home. Dennis Max, famed South Florida restaurateur, owns her paintings, and a commissioned mural adorns a wall in a U.S. vice president's winter home in the Keys.

Yet with all these accomplishments, one of her largest and most visible works, a 40-foot-tall (3-stories tall) mural depicting a blend of brightly colored tropical fruits and hibiscus flowers, adorns the outside wall of commercial enterprise Mack's Grove, located at A1A and Commercial Boulevard in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea.

"I fiddled around with art as a child, but my first love was the piano. I was classically trained but enjoy all different kinds of music. I especially love music from the 1930s and 40s, like Cole Porter and Duke Ellington. I was a music major but changed in my second year to fine arts," said Lyman, who attended Queen's College in Charlotte. N.C.

While she now mostly paints instead of plays, she never strayed far from her love of the piano, incorporating both arts into her profession by designing and painting pianos as commissioned pieces.

"I did one for an auction for my daughter's school. It was very popular and sold for around $6,000. It was a Kimball upright, but I also do grand pianos," Lyman said.

Pianos aren't the only unusual pieces of art that Lyman paints. Recently, she put her painted fabric design on a surfboard. Inspired by her 9-year old daughter Annique Monet, who wants to take up surfing, Lyman adheres her fabrics or hand paints the motif directly onto the fiberglass, which is then sealed.

Her more down-to-earth, hand painted items include home furnishings such as rugs, pillows, place mats with matching glassware and serving trays. She also designs and paints sinks and commodes.

"I do a lot of painting for myself on the side," Lyman said. "I love to do landscapes or beach scenes on location."

The Clarksville, Tenn. - born artist gets her talent from her parents, she said. Her mother, Julia Lyman, is a creative decorator and gardener whose home is frequently listed on the Nashville tour of homes. Her father, Edward Lyman, now a Christian missionary, went to Julliard and performed for the New York and San Francisco opera companies.

Lyman came to Delray Beach 12 years ago having visited the area with her parents.

"We used to come down to Boca, so I was familiar with the area, but I always liked Delray. It was a small, quaint town with a beautiful beach, " she said. "Even though it's changed a lot, it's been for the better."

Lyman enjoys socializing with her friends, many of whom are Delray Beach business owners.



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